Visual Interfaces


Serious Simulations

We’re combining storytelling, math, and purposeful design to make mathematical models that are as intuitive as they are insightful.

turn models

into apps

Different models deserve unique interfaces. We work with educators, consultants and research groups to transform their models into one-of-a-kind software. Here’s how:

Start with a model

We pick the right method, level of detail, and system boundary to make a model that actually helps. Already got a model? Then let’s start there!

Sculpt a design that fits

Great design is informed design. We adopt an iterative, participatory approach, to find one that’s relevant to the model at hand.

Build it into an app

People shouldn’t need to learn expert-level software to use an insightful model. We build our models into native apps on the devices they love.

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Our Work

We’re building free educational models for students and custom applications for professionals. Download our educational apps from the App Store and Google Play.

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