The World is Complex. Simulations can Help.

BTN is a tech studio based out of Singapore building bespoke simulations and decision support systems.

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Beliefs and Goals

I sim, I understand.

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We believe that understanding is the antidote to chaos. The more you understand, the more you succeed.

We believe experimenting with ideas is a great way to improve understanding. Try new things, fail, and try again.

But experimenting in the real world is expensive and time consuming.

Our goal is to build virtual testbeds of your complex problems so you can try thousands of ideas, fast and effectively.

A lean and flexible team turning ideas into products.

Not our first rodeo.

We're proud to have worked on a diverse array of projects for unique clients from across the world.

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Our clients include

University of Queensland MITSDM University of Stuttgart University of Bergen AWARD
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How we work

01. Discussion
It all starts with a conversation. A discussion of your unique situation and an exploration of how/whether we can be helpful.
02. Design
Next comes the participatory design phase. Together we'll create a shared understanding of the problem and conceptualise potential solutions.
03. Development
We then take the most promising solution and build it into reality. We'll share work-in-progress versions with you, receive your feedback and course-correct where needed.
04. Delivery
Once we're all happy with the result, we'll hand it over in a way that works for you. Give us a holler when it needs to be maintained or improved.

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